When it comes to Hobart Mixers, ALFA International is known for both their high quality replacement mixer bowls, mixer parts and mixer agitators including dough hooks, wire whips, beater paddles, bowl dollies and now mixer bowl guards!  We also offer two brands of planetary mixers, Precision Mixers and Globe Mixers

Below you can search through each of these categories to find the BEST replacement mixer parts for the Classic Hobart Mixers!

Classic Hobart Mixer Safety Cages / Bowl Guards

Globe and Precision Mixers

Planetary Mixers for Bakeries & Pizza

Replacement Hobart Mixer Agitators

Replacement Mixer Bowls for Classic & Legacy Hobart Mixers & Bowl Dolly

Replacement Mixer Parts for Classic Hobart Mixers

Replacement Globe Mixer Agitators


Replacement Globe Mixer Bowls & Bowl Dolly

Replacement Precision Mixer Agitators


Replacement Precision Mixer Bowls & Bowl Dolly


Replacement Mixer Parts for Precision Mixers


Replacement Univex Mixer Bowls & Agitators