ALFA VS-22DH Disc Holder for ALFA GS-22 Grater Shredder

List: $358.00
Retail: $268.50


Product Description

ALFA’s NSF-Approved VS-22DH Disk Holder is the perfect tool when you need to grate or shred cheese, cole slaw, hash browns, nuts and spices! It features a hardned shaft For durability and replaceable studs that secure any of ALFA’s seven (7) Taiwanese or eight (8) German shredding disks. The Brass Collar helps lock the holder in place when rotating. It easily swaps out with ALFA’s VS-22KDS Slicer Knife Assembly allowing the unit to slice vegetables. This unit is a direct replacement For both ALFA’s GS-22 or VS-22 and can also be used with any Hobart VS9. 6 month warranty. Hand wash, do not place in dishwasher as this can/will sieze the unit and void warranty! Fits 3/4″ diameter hubs mostly found on 140 Quart (and a few older 80 Quart) Hobart Mixers

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 11 x 11 in