ALFA FAMA 1.5 HP Hard Cheese Grater

List: $2,040.00
Retail: $1,530.00

OUTPUT: 130-150 LBS/HR

Product Description

The FAMA 1.5hp Hard Cheese Grater is ALFA’s most popular hard cheese grater. Made in Italy, these cheese graters are rugged commercial units designed for large scale production.

FAMA 1.5, one and half horsepower hard cheese grater. Made with a direct, gear driven motor, the FAMA hard cheese grater is more durable and powerful than competitive products with belt-driven motors. FAMA hard cheese graters also feature many safety features including a operation handle switch with automatic on/off interlock switch, as well as a safety grate to protect the operator. The stainless steel bowl and grater drum ensure sanitary operation and easy clean up.

This unit is for HARD CHEESE ONLY. Please see our GS-12 for grating soft cheeses like mozzarella.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 12 x 17 in


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