ALFA VS-12 Vegetable Slicer Attachment (Includes “S” Knife)

List: $1,116.55
Retail: $837.42


GS-12/22, VS-12/22 Instructions Booklet

Product Description

ALFA’s NSF-Approved VS-12 Vegetable Slicer is the finest quality aftermarket version of Hobart’s VS9 Vegetable Slicer on the market today. Used on the power hub of mixers, choppers and power drives, these units come complete with housing, door, pusher plate and Slicer Knife Assembly. Features a stainless steel knife and an adjusting knob for easy thickness calibration. It easily swaps out with ALFA’s VS-12DH Disk Holder. Unit is made of heavy-gauge polished aluminum and fits on size #12 Hobart compatible power hubs (a #22 version is also available) Hardened shafts are machined to close tolerances for superior performance. Easy to disassemble and clean. Our VS-12 fits Classic Hobart, Legacy Hobart, Globe, Univex, Varimixer, Precision, Thunderbird and Intedge Mixers. 6 month warranty. Hand wash, do not place in dishwasher as this can/will sieze the unit and void warranty! Fits 9/16″ diameter hubs

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 15 x 19 in