Hobart WS-021-21 washer for Hobart Machines

Hobart WS-021-21 washer for Hobart Machines

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Product Description

The ALFA HM6-121 is a direct replacement for Hobart OEM WS-021-21, a washer for Hobart Machine Models: 2000 Series,2612,2612C,2612GC,2612PHS,2712,2712C,2712PHS,2812,2812PS ,2912, 2912B, 2912C, 2912PS,3613,3713,3813,3913,HS4N,HS6,HS6-PHS HS600 HS6N,HS6N-1,HS7,HS7-PHS,HS7N,HS8N,HS8N-CB1,HS9,HS9-1B,HS9-2B,HS9N,ES600,H600,H600C,H600D,HL600, HL600AUS, HL600C,HL600CE,HL661,HL662,HL662CE,HL800,L800,L800C,L800D,M802,M802C,M802U,P660,V1401,V1401C, and V1401U.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 2 in