La Monferrina Dolly Pasta Extruder Machine

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Product Description

The La Monferrina Dolly Pasta Extruder is a counter top pasta maker designed for small to medium pasta production in restaurants & catering operations that wish to offer fresh pasta. The Dolly machine has a hopper capacity of 3 lbs/ 1.5 kg and production capacity of 13lbs/hr (6kg/hr).

Made of stainless steel with removable components for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Dolly pasta extruder produces a wide variety of both short and long pastas. 4 pasta dies are included with the Dolly machine with the most common dies being —  Spaghetti (1.9mm), Linguini (3.2mm), Fusilli (10mm) & Casarecce (9mm), but the customer can choose up to 4 free dies.  There are approximately 100 additional dies that can be a part of the 4 free dies except the Penne dies #472/#473 and the Sheet/sfoglia die, #0. The reason they’re exempt is because the penne die uses a different cutting bracket and mount to get the 45 degree angle cut which makes it more complex and large. For the sheet die it is also because it is large and complex, but it is cheaper than the penne. Comes complete with an adjustable automatic cutting motor with single and double blade cutting knives to simplify and speed up production. 110V, 6 months Parts Only Warranty. Made in Italy.

We often get asked how we clean the dies for our pasta maker. The answer is simpler than you might think. We wash off any exterior dough and then soak them in water until the next use. Picking and poking at bronze dies with brushes and a scrubbing pad is a bad idea. It can etch and scratch the dies and this will adversely affect the extruded pasta. Soaking the used dies in water keeps the dough stuck in the nooks and crannies soft, so that the next time you use one, the new dough pushes out the old. Discard it and then keep going. This method won’t affect the new batch of pasta or damage the die in any way. As you store the dies you certainly want to change the water as it turns cloudy and keep them in a relatively cool spot, but overall maintenance is simple just soak and go.

Additional information

Weight 102 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 12 in