VacMaster VP800 Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 75″
Front to Back: 41″
Height: 40″

Both Chamber Dimensions:
Left to Right: 35 13/16″
Front to Back: 31 1/2″
Height: 8 7/8″

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Product Description

This VacMaster VP800 double chamber vacuum packaging floor machine with 2 sets of 32 1/4″ seal bars is ideal for vacuum packaging liquids and liquid rich foods. This vacuum packaging machine removes the air from the entire chamber when sealing, not just the bag itself. By doing so, the air pressure is equalized both inside and outside the bag, keeping liquids contained and ensuring a superior seal every time.

The 2 chambers and the (4) 32 1/4″ wire seal bars allow you to seal products at double the rate of a sealer with just 1 set of seal bars. Quickly monitor the status of your products by looking at the easy-to-read vacuum gauge that indicates the vacuum level inside the chamber. The crystal clear LED screen also displays the current function or cycle time, measured in seconds, while the function lights illuminate to indicate the machine is in use.

This model comes with a gas flush system option to give you more versatility. It removes oxygen from the bag and replaces it with a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, which gives the contents of the package a longer usable life. It’s a great way to extend the life of your goods but where it really shines is on foods that can break or lose their shape under compression. Soft fruits and brittle products like dried foods, chips, and pasta can be crushed under a full vacuum cycle – the gas flush lets you stop that process short so that your items are sealed but still enjoy a longer product life due to the gas mixture. And since it injects gas into each bag at the seal, instead of the entire chamber, you get a better seal and more efficient use of gas compared to other models.

Perfect for commercial operations with limited counter space, this floor model comes with (4) 3″ easy rolling casters so you can move the unit out of the way when it’s not in use. The VacMaster VP800 features a 3.25 hp oil vacuum pump for a tighter seal and an adjustable cycle time of 20-30 seconds. Also, this unit is easy to use and clean thanks to its crystal-clear digital display and stainless steel construction. This unit requires a 220V electrical connection for operation.

Additional information

Weight 1438 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 41 × 40 in


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