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Globe SP62 Commercial Mixer


Wondering how to increase your commercial mixer’s life? ALFA, your #1 source for Hobart NSF replacement bowls, agitators & parts for 77+ years, has 7 tips for you…

The Case for Mixer Maintenance

Commercial mixer maintenance is easier than many people think. After all, dough mixing machines are fairly simple machines with few parts. Add to that the well-known durability of some older mixers, particularly Hobart’s “Classic” mixer line: models like the C100, A120/T,A200/T, D300/330/340, H600/D, L800/D, M802 & V1401/U. Just a little bit of maintenance goes a looooooooooooooooooong way to preserving a great piece of equipment. Trust us, we see Hobart Classics models every day in astonishingly great shape after years & years (& years) of use.

All of that said, bakeries, restaurants and other food service operators need to follow a few simple steps to help their mixing equipment last. Here is some of ALFA’s general maintenance tips to do that. Please note that the list below is not exhaustive, and should not serve as a substitute for the manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations. When in doubt, ask a manufacturer-certified repair technician.

7 Tips to Extend Your Commercial Mixer’s Life

1)Clean mixers daily with hot, soapy water. Remove bowls and place them in the ware washer for cleaning. Food service operators can remove the guards and either put them in the ware washer or wash by hand. Note: double check that the detergent you use won’t damage your stainless steel!…for more on the subject, read this ALFA Blog: How to Clean Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment.

2)Wipe the unit’s base with a damp cloth at the end of the day.

3)Refrain from using high-pressure water hoses to clean a mixer. Water can contaminate and damage its internal components, which are the heart and soul of what makes them work.

4)Inspect and lubricate, periodically, the gear boxes located inside planetary mixers.

5)Regularly inspect belts and, when necessary, replace belts on belt-driven mixers.

6)With some mixers, agitator clearance can change over time. When the distance changes between the bowl and agitator unit, it can compromise the mixing results. For this reason, the clearance between the bowl and agitator should be checked every six months. For more on adjusting agitator clearance, read here: How to Adjust Mixer Clearance: an ALFA How-To Guide

7)Keep a maintenance log that documents the mixer’s history and assists service technicians in troubleshooting if the unit is inoperable.