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A machine first made by a company in Buffalo, NY to finely chop raw vegetables or raw or cooked meats. This machine, sometimes called a Buffalo Chopper or Bowl Cutter, uses a spinning round bowl (usually of 14” or 18” in diameter) to hold the product to be cut. Most of these machines were made by Hobart or Scharfen (under the Berkel label). The bowl rotates horizontally and pushes the product into a set of two spinning stainless steel blades (a leader and a follower) at a stationary spot under a cover.  The fineness of the chopped food is determined by how many times it rotates into the blades (think guacamole).  These blades are very sharp and need to be handled with caution. One advantage of this machine is that they often come with a standard #12 power hub that can be used for a number of attachments including our GS/VS-12 vegetable slicer/grater/shredder or our #12 SS CCA meat grinding attachment, making it very versatile.