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With the high cost of replacement parts for some foodservice equipment, it is no wonder that users are looking at generic parts as alternatives. This search usually starts with these frequently asked questions about generic parts: “will they fit my machine?”; “will they last as long as the OEM parts?”; “will they void my factory warranty?”

We usually advise customers that no foodservice manufacturer today makes all the components in their equipment. I would estimate that up to 75% of the parts on any given machine are off-the-shelf items available from many sources. Items like switches, belts, bearings, power cords, motors, and knobs are usually made by component manufacturers for a wide variety of equipment. As an example, the Cutler-Hammer switch that we supply for some meat slicers is made by the same manufacturer and to the same specifications as the original foodservice equipment manufacturer. These switches will fit the original slicer, last as long as the OEM switch and will not affect the user’s warranty.