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Installing a new commercial mixer bowl? New dough hook, beater paddle, or whip agitator won’t fit? Adjust your mixer bowl/agitator clearance! ALFA International tells you how.

Due to small variations in bowls and agitators, ALFA International RECOMMENDS that the agitator clearance be adjusted with every mixer bowl or mixer agitator change. This will ensure that your machine works as smoothly as it did with the old accessory! A quick fix is to ADJUST THE BOWL CLEARANCE. Below the ALFA team presents some instructions to a process we’ve seen  over the past 77 years in the food service equipment business.  EDITOR’s NOTE: these instructions do not apply to Hobart Legacy models!

Check that the agitator is firmly attached and then adjust the bowl height if necessary.

Step 1: Lower the bowl lift to its bottom stop.

Step 2: Position the bowl square alignment bracket on the back; the alignment pins in the bowl lift fit into the alignment holes of the bowl.

Step 3: Raise the bowl yoke until the bowl is seated.

Step 4: Lock the bowl in place by rotating the bowl clamps over the ears of the bowl.

Step 5: Now, with the bowl in place and the lift at its bottom stop, push the agitator shank up on the shaft and turn clockwise until the drive pin of the shaft latches in the L-shape slot of the agitator shank.


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Until next time….happy mixing!

Obligatory disclaimer from ALFA International’s Legal Team: The instructions above are not a substitute for following the instructions provided in your mixer’s user manual.These instructions are intended as a beginner’s guide to mixer accessory replacement and are not intended to be complete.